wrapping concrete weight coating subsea pipeline

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Did you know that MagnaDense was used to coat the longest subsea pipeline in the world, the 650-km Nyhamna-Sleipner stretch of Langeled?

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CWC pipeline coating with MagnaDense. Our customers, the offshore pipeline companies, mix MagnaDense into a high density concrete, which they apply to the pipelines and which provide a heavyweight coating. Alternative subsea pipeline protection is concrete mattresses for which dense concrete is also used.

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06-03-2016· Selection of Protective and Concrete weight Coatings for Subsea pipelines Carlos Fernández. Carlos Fernández Gerencia de Materiales y Confiabilidad. Search for other works by this author on: This Site. Google Scholar. Paper presented at the CORROSION 2016, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, March 2016.

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01-08-2017· The costs of epoxy coating and concrete weight coatings are similarly estimated. The spacing of anodes is estimated based on the environmental conditions and service life of the pipeline. Anodes, buckle arrestors, PLEMs, PLETs, pig launchers, fittings, tees, risers, assemblies, subsea valves, etc. are estimated on a unit basis using historic cost or industry quotes.

High density concrete to coat world's longest subsea pipeline

01-03-2004· Half the volume. MD8S is a high-density form of ballast, which enables the volume of coating to be reduced by up to 50%. Another potential offshore application is in the construction of concrete mattresses, used for stabilizing subsea pipelines. The reduction in volume makes handling of the pipeline joint or mattress easier, and could enable ...

Selection of Protective and Concrete weight Coatings for ...

Concrete weight coating application methods were also evaluated and one method was selected and employed (wrapping method). Due to the large diameter of the pipeline (36-inches), bonding between the concrete weight coating and the external coating was an important concern in order to prevent slippage due to the high lay-tensions imposed on the pipeline during installation.

wrapping concrete weight coating subsea pipeline

wrapping concrete weight coating subsea pipeline; wrapping concrete weight coating subsea pipeline. Find your NOC - Canada.ca. We use the National Occupational Classification (NOC) system to classify jobs (occupations). Jobs are grouped based on the type of job duties work a person does.

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22-09-1982· These pipelines will generally be coated with a dielectric coating and concrete weighted. For design purposes, the conductance of the coating should be 5300 micromhos/m 2 (500 micromhos/ft 2 ). Many of the considerations outlined in previous section are applicable to submarine pipelines.

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Concrete mattresses provide a recognised engineering solution for several of the challenges faced in subsea pipeline construction, umbilical deployment and seabed and soil protection/stabilisation. They are cost effective and may be readily deployed using standard handling systems. Typically, concrete mattresses may be used to provide :-.

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PRODUCT INFO . Concretkote ® is an reinforced concrete weight coating, designed to prevent the buoyancy of subsea pipelines and is applied on anticorrosion and thermal insulation systems, such as: Plastykote ®, Powderkote ® and Thermakote ®. It provides a wide protection against the destructive agents of the marine environment and the mechanical damage that might occur during handling ...

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3.3 Use of Continuous Concrete Coating. This is the most common method used to mitigate pipeline floatation. Concrete coating required for onshore pipeline river crossings, swampy terrain may be performed on-site or off-site, however, for large diameter pipelines, the concrete coating is mostly performed on-site along the trench because the weight of concrete coated pipe becomes …

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its primary function of adding weight to pipeline, concrete protects the pipe and its anticorrosion coating. ... subsea pipeline; minimum compressive strength in a 28 days ... Row n°2 Concrete weight coating thickness required (97 mm) Row n°3 Diameter of line wire 2,60 mm.

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Concrete coated pipe also called concrete weight coating pipe (CWC pipe), it is the steel pipe external with concrete weight coating (Mixed with cement, aggregates, reinforced steel mesh and water), to provide the strong downward force protection or a negative buoyancy for the pipelines. This pipe is commonly used in sub-sea (submarine) pipelines, ...

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Compression Coat. Compression Coat is a concrete pipe coating system that uses a side-wrap application process and is designed to provide negative buoyancy and mechanical pipeline protection in subsea and wet environments. Wrapheavykote® Wrapheavykote is a heavy concrete coating required to avoid buoyancy to underwater pipeline. Concretkote®


CWC: The company has developed Concrete Weight Coating (CWC) operation line for prefabricating and processing various submarine pipeline concrete weight layers. 2. Custom Coating Services. CPP owned custom coating plant has the capability of internal and external coating for various sizes of work pieces according to client's requirements .

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Concrete weight coating (CWC) is a plant-applied reinforced concrete coating system externally applied by using either impingement or compression (wrap) method to either bare pipe or pre-coated offshore pipe with a minimum thickness of 25mm, intended primarily for submerged service for water or oil and gas pipeline system. The objective of a concrete weight coating is to provide required negative buoyancy to the pipeline, …


Field joint needs to be coated to provide protection to pipeline and reduce CP system drainage. The objective of FJC, Ref. 2: Corrosion control; Mechanical protection; Thermal insulation; Smooth transition to a concrete weight coating of linepipe (Infill) The welded pipe/field joint is cleaned before application of field joint coatings.

Concrete weight coating for offshore pipelines | LKAB ...

Using this applying method, the pipe gets a concrete weight coating by rolling the heavy concrete with a special technique against the pipeline. Independent of the applying method you prefer, MagnaDense is suitable for both. The coarse aggregate increases the weight of concrete.

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05-05-2003· Concrete weight coating is commonly employed on large diameter pipelines to increase on-bottom stability. A number of concrete coating application methods were evaluated and two such methods were employed. Wire reinforcement is required within the concrete to minimize spalling.

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Remove any type of protective coating. Suitable for pipeline inspection and repair, tie in, hot tap and emergency pipeline repair, the PCR tool can remove any type of protective coating from fusion bonded epoxy (FBE), concrete weight coat and single unit polyurethane (SPU), to bitumen and coal tar enamel, at water depths up to 600m.

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Combined weight- and insulation casing for subsea pipelines (1) and method for production of the casing. The casing is applied by extrusion of thermoplastics on to the pipes. This makes it possible to produce continuous lengths of insulated pipeline. Compact and ed plastic with and without weight material incorporated into the plastic can be used.

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Inspection and Testing @ Pipeline Wrapping and Coating Specification. 5.1 Pipe coating shall be subjected to visual inspection and inspection with an electrical holiday detector before being lowered into the trench. 5.2 Visual inspection shall ensure that the coating is continuous, the overlap is correctly maintained and that there is ...

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03-02-2021· Wrap-applied Concrete Weight Coating. Compression Coat™ is the leading concrete weight coating system for pipeline projects requiring coating at a client-preferred site. This concrete coating system is designed to provide negative buoyancy and mechanical protection for pipelines in subsea and wet environments.

wrapping concrete weight coating subsea pipeline

Home wrapping concrete weight coating subsea pipeline . Popular Searches . ... Apr 24 1991 0183 32 INSULATION AND WEIGHT COATING FOR SUBSEA PIPELINES AND METHOD FOR PRODUCTION concrete as a weight coating pipeline with weight coating... Penspen Subsea Pipeline Damage Assessment and.

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Serviwrap M30 tape is 1.65 mm thickness, cold-applied coating designed to provide mechanical and heat protection to subsea pipeline joints which are being filled with marine mastic and . For the protection of butt weld joints on concrete weight coated submarine pipelines